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Pressure Sensor

Magnetic sensors product, Intelligent sensing solutions

Pressure is one of the factors that needs to be most frequently detected and monitored in process and manufacturing industries. YUANBEN provides high quality pressure sensors and pressure switches for industrial pressure monitoring and measurement of gasses and liquids.

  • Ceramic pressure sensor chip
  • Applicable to the pressure measurement in non-corrosive fluids and some chemical liquids.
  • Ideal for micro-pressure and high-precision measurements.
  • Industrial protection structure and high rating class ensure the long-term reliability and stability.
    1. PST Series Pressure Sensors
    2. PST Series Pressure SensorsThe PST pressure transmitter or pressure sensor is a high-performance instrument intended for industrial applications where the process media is compatible with the SUS316L stainless steel sensor material and the 304 SS process connection.
    1. Pressure Switch
    2. Pressure SwitchThe PS series pressure switch is an advanced miniature pressure switch. It is an electrical switch that causes a circuit to open or close when the pressure of the controlled medium increases or decreases. It is widely used in refrigeration systems, oil pumps, air pumps, automobile industries and more. The mounting thread and electrical terminal can be selected according to the customer’s requirements. The micro-differential pressure switch, the temperature and pressure compound switch can be customized.
YUANBEN designs, manufactures and supplies industrial sensors for a wide range of applications worldwide. Over the years, our portfolio range of magnetic sensors and expertise in offering custom sensing solutions has significantly expanded. As a specialist sensor manufacturer, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of sensing technology for developing custom solutions for your industrial applications. We strive for constant improvement in the field of sensor engineering, allowing our experienced team to provide our customers with high quality sensors.
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