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Level Switch

Sensors and sensing equipment, Flow and energy measurement

    1. LCT-840 Capacitive Level Transmitter
    2. LCT-840 Capacitive Level TransmitterThe LCT-840 capacitive liquid level transmitter uses a capacitance formed by filling the liquid medium between the positive and negative probes to change the capacitance (the amount of change in the liquid level) into a standard electrical signal output.
    1. LUT-100 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
    2. LUT-100 Ultrasonic Level SensorDue to the strong anti-interference ability, the ultrasonic level sensor can be used for liquid level measurement in harsh environments.
      Built-in temperature sensitive device ensures a real-time temperature automatic compensation function.
    1. LS Series Float Level Switch
    2. LS Series Float Level SwitchThe float level switch is used for level monitoring and measuring of various liquids such as water, oil, diesel. Available with various choices of mountings, 3A and 5A level switches can be provided. In addition, the switch integrated with level and temperature control is also available upon request.
YUANBEN designs, manufactures and supplies industrial sensors for a wide range of applications worldwide. Over the years, our portfolio range of magnetic sensors and expertise in offering custom sensing solutions has significantly expanded. As a specialist sensor manufacturer, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of sensing technology for developing custom solutions for your industrial applications. We strive for constant improvement in the field of sensor engineering, allowing our experienced team to provide our customers with high quality sensors.
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